The Alshich On Avos

The Alshich On Avos

OVERVIEW Although the Alshich did not compose a commentary on Pirkei Avos itself, in the course of his explanations of the verses and narratives of Tanach he expounds on many of the Mishnayos contained in Avos. Employing the same incisive questioning and analytical scalpel that he applies to whole chapters and individual verses in his Scripture commentary, the Alshich interprets those Mishnayos, paying meticulous attention to numerous seemingly inconsequential details of the written text. He reveals the underlying structure and meaning, while emphasizing the moral and religious lessons to be derived from each Mishnah.

Among the Alshich’s themes are many of the principles and key concepts of Jewish faith, including the Afterlife, reward and punishment, hashgacha protis (divine intervention in human affairs), proper study habits, and the proper path to a Torah way of life.

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Foreword to the Alshich on Avos to the Alshich on Avos
Introductory Mishna Mishna
Chapter 1 Mishna 1 Mishna 1
Chapter 1 Mishna 2 Mishna 2
Chapter 2 Mishna 2-4 Mishna 2-4
Chapter 3 Mishna 1-2 Mishna 1-2
Chapter 4 Mishna 1 Mishna 1
Chapter 4 Mishna 2 Mishna 2
Chapter 5 Mishna 4 Mishna 4
Chapter 5 Mishna 13 Mishna 13
Chapter 6 Mishna 7 Mishna 7
Chapter 6 Mishna 9 Mishna 9
Concluding Mishna

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"I have followed the Alshich series since its inception and have always found these books enlightening to read. The way he weaves together a range of ideas, culled and based on earlier sources, to form a unified approach  to his explanations is quite unique. I look forward to the publication of the next book in the series." Michael Singer, Australia.

"I have been studying the Alshich on the weekly Parsha for over 30 years. This new book has allowed me to gain greater access and clarity to a commentary that really should be learnt by more people. In it one finds questions that other commentators have not commented on and often an approach that only he develops. I personally think that if you want a book that is rigorous and stimulating in the approach to the weekly Parsha, this is it." Neville Romer, London

"Having read a substantial portion of the book, I can see how much effort has been put into it. The authors have done a great job of condensing the vast material that the Alshich has written on each sedra without compromising on the Alshich’s overall approach to a particular piece. These books will open the reader's eyes to an original approach on each sedra, one which I have found appealing and enjoyable to read." Jeremy Phillips, Israel.

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