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This website is dedicated by David Rose in memory of his parents, Robert Charles and Rosalind Rose. Inspired by his love of classic Torah commentators David has chosen to make the Alshich (1508-1600), more accessible for the modern reader.

Although the Alshich wrote many halachic responsa, he is most noted for his Tanach commentary, based primarily on his regular Shabbos sermons. This monumental work has been hailed by more than four centuries of Torah scholars as one of the greatest expositions ever written on Scripture. In it, he expounds on complicated passages, answering fundamental questions of faith and Jewish belief. The Alshich uses his creative insight and his encyclopaedic knowledge of Tanach, Talmud and Midrash to weave together his profound interpretations of Tanach. Studying Torah, Nevi’im and Kesuvim by the bright light of the Alshich’s commentary will warm the heart and illuminate the mind of every reader, from the nascent newcomer to the advanced talmid chacham.

No less a personage as the Arizal, who would attend the Alshich’s Shabbos derashos, described the Alshich’s commentary as possessing אַחַת מִשִׁבְעִים פָּנִים בַּתּוֹרָה one of just seventy authentic ways to understand Torah – a rare accolade indeed.


The Alshich’s flowery language, enigmatic style, and innovative borrowing of phrases from Scriptural verses have made it difficult for all but the most accomplished Torah students to reap the full benefits of his brilliant writing. These new adaptive translations will now make his work more accessible to the modern English speaking reader.

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