About the Rose Memorial Trust

The Rose Memorial Trust (RMT) is a registered charity based in the United Kingdom. Dedicated to the memory of Robert Charles (Avrohom) and Rosalind (Raizel Sheindel) Rose, the primary objective of RMT is to take classic works of Jewish Literature that have never been rendered into English and make them available to the modern English reader. Despite the great increase in the number of translations produced during the past few decades, there are still thousands of books that are unobtainable in any language other than their authors’ original scholarly, often arcane, Hebrew or Aramaic. To clear the pathways that have been closed to the English reader, RMT has engaged the talents of Torah Scholars and accomplished writers to translate, annotate, elucidate and publish many of those heretofore inaccessible volumes. Professionally written in an appealing style and edited to the highest quality, these new editions will allow the English reader to view the Torah’s wisdom in a new light, through the prism of a classic commentary.

An English reader who thinks that anybody with a working knowledge of Hebrew should be capable of understanding and translating classic commentaries need only attempt to read a classic work written in Old English. Languages are not static; they are ever changing. A large percentage of the words found in Modern Hebrew are of recent coinage or are borrowed from other languages, and many words that were common in Classical Hebrew have fallen into disuse. Moreover, most classical writers quote or paraphrase an array of earlier sources without acknowledging their origins. Many compose their works in a poetic style that presents difficulties to the contemporary reader. Some scholars, many of whom could barely afford paper and ink, abbreviate their words or thoughts; they might use a casual reference to a chapter and verse and expect the reader to make unstated connections. The writer may use concepts and ideas that were popular in his time, but would generally be misunderstood and misconstrued in our day and age. Their ideas and structures need clarification not only within the context of the commentary, but even in and of themselves. Using modern idiom and contemporary English, RMT’s translators strive to elucidate the material for the English reader, while remaining faithful to the commentator’s words and style.

From time immemorial, the Jewish people have been called the “People of the Book.” The goal of RMT is to make classic Jewish knowledge "the book of the people".

To be part of this exciting ground breaking project please contact David Rose at or complete the contact page form.

Future dedications and sponsorships

The sages teach that the merit for supporting the publication of Torah works lasts for many generations, as it facilitates Jewish learning beyond one’s lifetime. Such a supporter also has the merit of benefiting the Jewish people throughout the world, and acquires a good name through his charitable deeds. Much Jewish learning and study accrues as a result of his donation, and ultimately he acquires permanent life in the World to Come.

It is befitting for sefarim to be printed on fine-quality paper, with attractive ink and fonts, because learning from such books impresses the soul, expands the mind and enhances one’s concentration. For this reason, the Rose Memorial Trust has decided to publish these English translations of the Alshich in colour and make them as attractive to the modern reader as possible.

Dedications are available for an edition or single portion of the Torah in the honour or memory of a beloved one. For dedications and sponsorships, please contact us and make your donation using the link below.


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